I’m bad in writing diaries or blogs. That’s why I decided to make small remarks of my life and surroundings through sounds: simple “snapshot” recordings, some more prepared recordings, maybe something manipulated… sounds that are interesting in a way or another. I’ll try to post something every month, so let’s start.

A sure sign of Autumn is not only the colourful leafs but the noise pollution caused by leaf blowers. Luckily they are not as popular anymore as they used to be some years back, but one is enough to make you crazy.

Today when I went to work in the morning I passed one of these devil’s creations. It was amusing to watch the operator desperatily trying to get the leaves move to the direction he wanted. However, the noise was very irritating as usual: a tense, relatively high-pitched sound of a small two-stroke engine in the middle of a misty morning.

In the afternoon when I walked back another leaf blower was there in the same neighbourhood cleaning another sidewalk. The operator used the machine with short, repeating bursts of throttle. That made the sound even more irritating. I decided to take my Sony D-100 out of my backpack and capture the noise. For who knows if one day the leaf blowers are finally banned and demolished and the echo of their sound slowly dissolves from our memories. Then it’s assuring to know that whenever you want to mask those horrible sounds of rake and broom under your window, you can always open the leaf blower sound effect file and play it out loud!


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