Thanks to the New Media studies at Aalto University I’ve already gotten myself into several small game projects as an audio designer and composer. It’s refreshing to get exposed to a new working culture and a number of new software and techniques in a short period of time. However, so far I have enjoyed and learned a lot.

“Unison” was a small game jam project that was made during the first week of our studies in August 2017. It was made for an exhibition with the theme “love”, so we tried to create a playable exhibition item with the noble message of universal love! The idea in the game is to find musical fragments and collectively build a song by joining the pieces together. I was responsible for the audio and music, which was a challenging task as all the musical elements had to fit with each other and create meaningful combinations in all possible permutations.

Project management: Helena Sorva
Programming: Xiaoxiao Ma, Yuanqi Shan, Juhani Halkomäki
Art: Veera Hokkanen, Veera Krouglov
Audio and music: Matias Harju

Another project I have been involved was a clone of the indie horror game Slender. I was again the audio designer / composer. This was a very educational project in terms of project management and use of a middleware together with Unity integration and some simple C# scripting.

Currently I’m working on a small VR game. The project has just started, so let’s hope we can build a game for Christmas, because that would solve my problem of coming up with good gift ideas for my nieces (provided that they can get a hold of a pair of VR headsets)…


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