Lento (“Flight”) was a musical by Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts with ten shows at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki on 24–28th April 2017.

The musical tells a story of a 6-year old girl who loses her brother, how she tries to find him again and how people around deal with their grief. Despite the serious topic the musical has a lot energy and humour. The script is written by Emilia Lehtinen, an author and documentarist who also teaches film making in Kallio.

My role was to coach the composer team of 15 students who received lyrics from the author in August 2016 and turned them into nine songs with different pre-suggested genres. I also led the orchestra of 14 students who started their rehearsals in October after receiving (almost) finished songs from the composers. I also made most of the arrangements for both the orchestra and singers.

The project is still on: I am currently mixing the sound for two multi-camera live video recordings of the show to be released in the mid-June.

Lento with over hundred students was one of the biggest music projects I have been involved in. It reached over 4000 spectators and was a part of Finland’s official centenary celebrations.

Photo by Siiri Sainio